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Pressings and engineering, tooling design and manufacture

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Cutting Edge Technology and Industrial Innovation

With our expertise in manufacturing deep drawn a progressive die components, aligned with our newly acquired plastic injection mould capability; we can offer an integrated solution to our customers. Furthermore in this sector where products are evolving quickly, we can ensure that all aspects of the project are co-ordinated within a single project team.

Stroud manufactures various deep drawn and progressive die components for the industrial sector, including:


  • Support sleeves
  • Grab rings (individual or over-moulded)
  • Collet strip (plain or over-moulded)
  • Brass and Stainless steel caps


  • Solenoid tubes
  • RFI shielding
  • Over-moulded lead-frames

Solar products – PV and Heating

  • Condenser cans
  • Ferrules
  • Sensors and Alarms