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Tooling Design & Manufacture

Tooling development solutions

Stroud Metal’s completely integrated production process allows us to deliver unique, state-of-the-art solutions to our clients, whether we’re using the latest available technology or designing our own equipment. Combining experience with innovation, our engineering team works with you to develop cost-effective solutions that will drive your performance forward and help you gain competitive advantage.

Tooling solutions range from the simple to the complex, with in-house design and tool-making facilities to develop optimal solutions for our customers’ exact specifications. This customised service is only available to our component customers – we do not sell our tooling to third parties.

Here at Stroud, we believe the unique skills, deep experience and peerless innovation of our designers and engineers are what set us apart. Every member of our team strives to push the boundaries of technology to help our clients succeed in their quest for the most efficient and profitable solution for their business.


Our in-house 3D CAD tool design system uses Auto Desk Inventor, which can upload your 3D data directly. We can also work with other systems such Catia, SolidWorks, and Pro E. Because we design and manufacture everything on-site, our expertise and intellectual property remain in-house, which protects our clients’ innovative advantage.

Cost efficiency

Our proprietary tooling operation is key to providing cost-effective solutions. Components incorporating such features as side piercing and beading, normally achieved using secondary operations, are all produced in-house, thereby decreasing unit cost.

Customer service

Stroud Metal’s commitment to customer service does not end when tooling is completed. It has long been our policy to maintain the tooling, free of charge, for the life of the product. In addition, we operate a fully equipped in-house tool room, providing access to spare parts to ensure minimal down time and that worn parts can be replaced when needed.