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De-burring, cleaning and finishing

The manufacturing process can leave components covered in oil residue, as well as sharp edges and small burrs. That’s why at Stroud, we provide state-of-the-art cleaning, de-burring, and finishing to ensure all sizes and shapes of components can be smoothed to the correct polish and finish for the metal.

Components are solvent degreased in sealed, Biosafety Level 3 facilities that incorporate ultrasonic cleaning and are operated in full compliance with current European Directives.

Components requiring de-burring and/or polishing then go through one of our numerous de-burring barrels, where, using ceramic "balls" and "cob", we achieve the specified finish.

Our comprehensive range of finishing processes are more cost effective because they reduce logistics and management costs, and include:

  • solvent and ultrasonic degreasing
  • vibratory de-burring
  • heat treatment
  • electro-plating
  • machining and reaming
  • laser welding
  • laser and ink-jet marking
  • painting and powder coating
  • assembly
  • automated packing into customised packaging